Monday, May 21, 2012

Entry 2

Doctor Proctor. Hmmm... No, I think not. That was just an alias... Who am I really?

In a previous reality, I was named Peter Black... In this reality,  I am Casey Black. In both lives, I have held the title of Doctor.

Haha... My past is like a stain in my mind. A black spot on my record... Black. I am consistently Black. Peter Black, Casey Black...

Doctor Proctor... No.

This has been a season of change, dear readers. A season of revelations for all of those involved in this great conspiracy... A season of loss. A season of victory. A season of endings and beginnings.

I think that there is another name that would suit me better.

So, please... Call me Black. Doctor Black, if you prefer.

Does this change make you uncomfortable? Haha... Humans are fickle creatures. Sooooo easily upset.

You'll get used to it eventually, won't you? I thought so.

TheAdvocate, you and I were designed to work together! We are both black marks. We are both special cases. We are both diseased, plagued creations... monsters, even... You have clearly accepted the taste of corruption, whereas I resist the beast I was designed to become.

We were created by Thuggee for the same purpose. Now, you and I both know the truth. It was  given to me, a gift to share... knowledge!

You've been quiet... Where are you?  You handled my revelation well... Why disappear now? Curious...

Yes, we are quite a curious trio aren't we?

I am Black, a stained man. I hold the realities of many men within my mind.

I was born Casey Black. Thuggee selected me to become his host body, his puppet... A weapon.

A trident, specifically. Three heads, to pierce three foes.

Thuggee has been holding a gun to every faction's head... but he moved too slowly. He missed his opportunity to pull the trigger.

I've seen beyond the curtain! Now, I hold the gun! Haha! IMAGINE THAT. The puppet no longer... Ha!

Thuggee must be seething.

I was born Casey Black. I am Black. Doctor Black.  A weapon of sabotage. A ticking time bomb, planted behind enemy lines.

That was his plan! TIME BOMBS FOR EVERY ENEMY! I wasn't meant to just destroy the Defenders Against Slenders specifically, but to eventually eliminate any man or woman that resisted the supernatural. I was "one of them", therefore Shady accepted me as an ally early into our friendship. The... the horrible things I would have eventually done to all of my friends...

TheAdvocate... Well, he was just another time bomb waiting to detonate. The Tall Man believed that TheAdvocate was His dedicated servant. However, TheAdvocate was a special case! Hehehe... BOOM.

You let her out, brother. You don't remember it, but I do. It was part of Thuggee's grand scheme. He wanted her to escape. He was the one that let Shady out when you had kidnapped her! Remember, the first time you met her... The first time you tortured her. The beginning of all of this... the start of your obsession.

He let her out. He was the one who helped her escape! She fled to my old house, where we first encountered each other and you "chased" her...

No, you didn't chase her. You only believe that you chased her. Thuggee implanted false memories in your mind as well! Hahahaha...

I remember that you "attacked me" while I was in the kitchen, but even that was a lie. You and I were the same person! We were ALWAYS the same person!

You had a secret staircase in one of your hideouts... That's how Thuggee managed to trick DeMii into believing that you and I were different men...

You kidnapped her, you threw her in your basement, the lights were out, Thuggee took over and you entered the basement secretly, I met DeMii and... and... well, Thuggee manipulated us all...

He got what he wanted in the end. DeMii gave birth to Lullaby and he had an "Heir"...

Then, you released us... Do you remember why you released us? I bet not. It seems odd doesn't it? Very... random, wouldn't you agree?

It was a strange decision, even for you... Thuggee wanted it and so you obeyed like a good little toy.

We discussed this earlier, though...

Why am I repeating all of this information, you might ask?

Well, I think my readers deserve to know this information, don't you? ;)

I wonder what all of my friends and readers are thinking right about now. Here I am, Doctor Black, spilling secrets that will most likely get me killed...

I was the Hand of the Gods, the supernatural juggernaut...
I was TheAdvocate, the sadistic murderer...
I was Doctor Proctor, the victimized man with a curious past...

I was a trident, a weapon with three heads and a special purpose.

Sometimes I wonder how I've managed to stay sane... You cannot comprehend how maddening the truth can be.

There is so much... so much to write. I can't go insane yet. I'm not allowed to fall apart yet.

So, who would like to have my head on a plate? Dia? Shady? The Executor? The Tall Man? Thuggee? TheAdvocate? MASC? You all have reasons to despise who I once was. I am a guilty man.

Yes, I sense a bloody future ahead for someone with my history.

BUT WAIT! You don't want to kill me yet --- Oh no, not yet.

I've yet to expose the most important secret! Thuggee, should I tell them or should you? Hehehe

I'm not dead yet, I'm not lost yet, I'm not insane yet, I can still redeem myself... can't I???

That's what my work is for! SOON! Soon... Soon, even TheAdvocate will help me record the truth. Won't you help me, brother? Imagine what we could do together. We were designed to work together for the same purpose.

My offer stands, brother. You and I, two very different men, aligned for the same purpose. We could stop him, you know. He can't succeed if we work against him. We could repay him for all of the lies and the deceit...

Revenge, doesn't that entice you?

To my readers, I apologize for rambling. It is a new habit I have developed, unfortunately. I struggle to filter my thoughts...

I am on my way back to the Haven now. I will be contacting Shady very soon. I am still alive and my meeting with TheAdvocate went surprisingly well. He only tried to kill me twice and we managed to discuss very important things.

Upon returning to the Haven, I intend to pack up my possessions and remove myself from the Mansion. I will find a place to conceal myself, then I will finish my work. I will not stop updating this blog. I will not stop contacting my allies. I will not stop fighting my enemies. My heart is still the same, my goals are still the same, but I am no longer the same Doctor.

I am relocating myself for reasons that I think should be obvious.

Now, I am ultimately split... I feel the desire to write more, but I know that it is time for me to end this blog post.

So I shall. I hope that you will comment and let me know where we stand, as friends or as foes. I will write more after I have left the Haven and have found a new place to post from.
- Black


  1. I stand as I always have. Friend.

  2. Everyone evolves, for better or for worse. Evolution has its ups and its downs, negatives and positives. Your heart is still the same, even if you have made some changes. The core is what counts, not the layers upon layers covering it.

  3. I've been occupied, Black.

    Oh, the fun we're going to have with this...