Monday, June 13, 2011

1st Entry

Dear Reader,

Fourteen years ago, I experienced a supernatural phenomenon first-hand. Today, calmed by the summer reprieve, I have to decided to make use of the internet to share my story with any curious readers who may stumble upon it while browsing these blogs. I don't ask you to examine my case or even try to render assistance, and I will not ask that you believe a word of what I disclose on this page. The events I have witnessed are not for the close-minded to observe, or the feint-of-heart. My life has been a constant chain of unfortunate horrors and spiritual encounters. I've seen monsters, and I've been in the presence of gods, although at the time I did not know it. I've survived three house fires, four car accidents, and have been poisoned twice by the servants of my enemies. I've broken more bones then I can remember, I've been shot in the shoulder before, and I was almost murdered when I visited New York two years ago for Christmas-break by a head-case with a knife. Most of my friends try to convince me that I just have poor luck. I know the truth though.
The sights I have seen are disturbing. I have lived two lives my entire life, until four years ago when I regained control of my body. By some unnatural power, my mind was being controlled. I was placed in an illusion that was a false life. This is just one of the horrendous happenings that I have suffered. 
I have battled members of the cults, and rabid men and women with knives and chains who obey a demonic spirit who goes by a name that I will not mention until I feel comfortable with mentioning it here. 
How can I help that these things have occurred? I've tried to seek aid from the local authorities and the police, and even a mental health clinic once. I'm as sane as they get; that, I can assure you. But even I have questioned what I have seen. It took me two years to trust my eyes. Every person I told reported me as a head-case or a nut. I'm tired of the glares and the stares of disbelief and worry.
I don't know what to say sometimes. 
Sitting here, thinking about it, I really do sound like a head-case on occasion. What I have seen has changed me. The difference between you and I, is that I know what my enemies can do and you have yet to witness anything slightly relative. Society has this little box which they like to call "reality", but in all honesty you are all just establishing a false sense of security. Have you ever observed a man stepping through a wall? Literally stepping through the wall, like a ghost. I have, and I know for certain that it wasn't a figment of my imagination. Reality. Widen your gaze, and perhaps you will see how far reality can be stretched.
Now that I have thoroughly rambled about my past experiences, I feel as if I'm forgetting to establish my point. So I will frank and to the point;

This blog is a place where I will journal past and present events occurring in my life. I'm writing this blog for two reasons.

1. For stress relief. It feels good to speak out about what has happened to me, and I know that I am anonymous on the internet, so I'm protected to an extent.
2. For you. If anything even remotely similar is occurring to you, please do not be afraid of contacting me here. You're not alone. I can help you. If any of these stories I post fit you, comment and we can discuss how to get you out of a horrible situation. 

Those are my goals while writing this blog. 

Well, I should probably bring this first entry to a close. I'm currently in New Jersey visiting my parents, and they'll be home soon. They don't know about this project or the enigma that has become such a defining part of my life. I'll write a new post soon, and give you more details about myself in the future.

I will be writing under the pen-name DoctorProctor, but you can also call me Casey (Pronounced Kay-see). Yes, that is a guy's name. 

Until I write again, thank you for your time,