Monday, May 14, 2012

I Will Not Let This Be The End

My entire life, I have been used.

Thuggee "selected" me as a tool before I was born, he has already publicly admitted to that information.

The Slender Man tried to manipulate me when I was younger, he tried to twist my mind so that I would become one of his "hollowed servants".

I remember the false realities that I once believed to be true.

In my "past lives" I was a doctor. I was married. I had a life, a career... a family. Illusions... Lies... Call them what you will. They were so real to me... I even remember the day that I "died". That was the day that I returned to this life... When I "awoke" from my dreamland.

Thuggee, the Puppet Master. He manipulated even the Slender Man and His servants... He allowed all of us to believe that we were fulfilling our own plans, when we were really just aiding him in the completion of his personal schemes.

He isn't done yet, oh no... His ultimate goal hasn't been revealed. Yes, that is exactly how he wants it... None of you have any idea of how deep this plot really goes. This... this has been in the works for a very long time.

I apologize if my writing is lacking at this moment... My thoughts are... off topic.

I made my decision...

Let us see how the cards fall. I'm not one for gambling... How about you, Advocate? Do you like to gamble?

I'm dressing up for the occasion. Freshly shaved, dressed in a three-piece suit with a bow-tie and my nicest pair of shoes. I'm sure you'll have an easy time spotting me when we meet, won't you?

Why should I dwell on this topic for any longer? Its time for me to stop talking and start acting.

I remember the day that I awoke to this reality. It was so long ago... I remember my confusion.

If I die, I wonder what my next reality will be like...

Wish me luck.
- Casey B.


  1. I know what you are planning, it will not work. You will only do yourself harm. Do you really believe that you will improve your situation by tattling on me?

    It is a pity that you and I once shared a body. I cannot help but feel sympathy... Disgusting.

    If you do not die, you will surely go insane soon... I can feel you slipping. Without my influence, your mind is splitting...

  2. You have my number, do keep it on speed dial, Doc. Stay safe.

  3. I'll be waiting as per our agreement, for you to return. I haven't forgotten your words.

    Don't die.