Wednesday, September 28, 2011

12th Entry

This is going to be a short entry...

I'm in bad shape. Where do I start?

First of all, last night was a mess. Lulls and I were together, laying next to each other, when she abruptly slipped out of bed and left. I was worried for her, and well... to be honest, I was afraid to fall asleep. I can't stop dreaming about Thuggee and theAdvocate... I'm freaking out about it.

Anyways, I climbed out of bed, slipped on some jeans over my boxers and followed her. This is a little bit awkward to be posting on the internet... but... At least I don't sleep completely naked like some guys.

I followed her down the hall and into the kitchen, and watched as she was harassed by some pig from MASC. I know it probably wasn't the smartest thing, but he ended up calling her fat and I just couldn't hold myself back. I posted about how angry I was... now this unsuspecting MASC sicko was experiencing it first hand.

I tapped him on the shoulder, getting his attention. Then, the fists started flying. It was pretty crazy how fast it was over... I guess all that working out from before theAdvocate kidnapped me really has improved the effectiveness of my hand-to-hand combat training.

I took Lullaby to her room, but leaving the MASC agent in the kitchen. There'd be huge consequences for what I did, and I was still pretty steamed so I told Lullaby that I was going to go for a walk and... I made a huge mistake.

Walking shirtless was only part of my stupidity. I was so angry, I lost track of how far I was walking and... This is where things get bad.

He was in the woods with me. I had wandered too far outside of the mansion's wards... Whatever Mystery had done to protect the mansion from him and his servants, I had stepped out from under the umbrella of protection.

I saw him, and I knew... I knew that whatever force had lured me out to the woods, whatever anger had pumped my legs forward had doomed me. I don't know what happened next, but somehow I survived his attack. I... I remember the pain. I blacked out.

Next thing I remember was laying on my back, staring at the stars as blood trickled from my forehead into my eye. I was in the mansion's backyard again. Somehow, I had managed to get back into the shielded area surrounding the mansion.. I... I'm lucky to be alive. I'm still so lucky to be alive. I don't know why I'm alive.

I crawled to the mansion, my body groaning and aching.

I think... I think I have a few broken ribs. My forehead has a gash in it from... from who knows what! I had a branch from a tree piercing my lower thigh... I don't know how I managed to ignore the pain while I dragged myself to the mansion. Let's not even mention the severe bruising on my chest, back and abdominal muscles. I've never seen my skin so discolored...

The most humiliating part is how I passed out a couple feet from the mansion, and I can't remember who or what or how I got back into the mansion.

Lullaby... Lullaby I'm so sorry. I'm an idiot. He got me... He was waiting for me.

Why? WHY? Why does this always happen?

I just woke up a little while ago. Can someone please fill in the blanks for me? Were there any witnesses? Mystery, what's going on outside my room? What's going on with MASC? Why hasn't Lullaby been allowed to visit me? Help... I'm in the dark. Am I under quarantine or something? Is it because I brawled with that agent?


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