Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1st Query

By now, if you have been reading the last couple of posts I've made, you can obviously tell that my situation is not normal. I'm dealing with things that aren't of this world... supernatural beings, unseen by ignorant eyes. That monster I encountered earlier this week was not even remotely of this world. Most people would've have read that post and... well, most people I tell think I'm crazy. Again, that's the reason why I'm confiding in the internet. It grants me a little bit of security. Not much, I might still be found and sent to a mental hospital for what most people assume is insanity.

But this is not an entry, so I'll shut up and get to the point. This is a query. One of the reasons I've created this blog is to locate other people who have dealt with... bad things and unnatural happenings. I need advice... I've dealt with being haunted my entire life, and yet I still know nothing about the enemy I face. I have a few questions, and if any of you know how I can get help or improve something, please feel free to tell me.

Below, I have listed a few questions I need answered. If you can help in anyway, it would be much appreciated.

Question 1: The enemy moves both at night and at day. Which is the worse time to expose myself? So far, night has proved to be very very dangerous. I'm wondering if I just had a bit of bad luck, or if this kinda thing always happens?

Question 2: How can I protect my house and my family? I have weapons, but is there any type of security system that will keep monsters from watching me, or from getting in my house while I'm away?

Question 3: Are people planted in our lives? Like, the woman from college. Did they put her in my life to observe me or something? Or was the monster I dealt with NOT actually her, and just a monstrous copy of her or something?

Question 4: How can I prevent bad things from happening? Are there any methods to avoiding contact with the enemy?

Question 5: Any advice at all? For anything?

Question 6: Do they ever relent? What I mean is, are there any days where I won't have to worry about being hunted? And will they ever stop hunting me? How do I get them to stop hunting me?

Question 7: What are they? I keep calling them monsters but I don't know for sure what they are actually...

Question 8: Does this happen to a lot of people? I've heard about weird things happening to people, but has anyone had to deal with monsters like what I saw at the McDonald's?

Question 9: How do they keep the things they do secret? Like, it almost seems obvious what's going on... but nobody ever sees it besides me. And do they dispose of their dead? Like, last night someone caused that McDonald's to explode and I don't know if it was an accident or if it was them "cleaning" up the mess...?

That's all my questions for now. Will update blog again soon.


  1. 1) Daytime is safer if only because there are more people around. You might think the night is safer because you can hide, but other things can hide in the dark too. Better you should see you enemy coming than be taken by surprise.

    2) I have had some success with magic, and you are free to read my blog for the instructions. If magic is not something you can put faith in, other more technologically minded people have had success with high powered magnets. Not sure how that works.

    3 I have heard of memories being messed with so that you accept a stranger or forget acquaintances. The transformation was a new one on me, but the disappearance of the McDonald's workers and the destruction of the place was not surprising.

    4 Stay in public places near large groups of people. It won't stop them from getting you as soon as you're alone, but they're less likely to act in a way that would mean a bigger clean up for them.

    5 Be cautious and alert.

    6 Never assume you're not being watched. No one has yet figured out how to make it stop, short of dying.

    7. They have many names. If you read others' blogs, you'll get the gist of it.

    8 It's happening to more people all the time, and then we have to consider all the people who never get a chance to share their experiences because they don't survive long enough.

    9 a) They are adept at erasing their tracks mentally. b) The mind has a way of filling in the blanks with what it wants to believe. c) Only children believe in monsters. Adults dismiss it as childishness or insanity. So people who do remember and do speak are dismissed and life goes on.

  2. Question 1: People are more active during the daytime, hence, more people to blend into. As well you can see your enemies coming better then. During the night you could hide better, but the problem is then you cannot see the enemies that are capable of seeing you.

    Question 2: Mystery pretty much covered that. Mental defenses could put off enemies a bit from invading but the truth is they are going to cross your border(s) eventually. You just have to be prepared for it.

    Question 3: People being planted into others lives, people being forgotten, or actual people being replaced by their agents is not unheard of. This transformation is unusual and new but it doesn't mean it's not a doppelganger shedding its disguise. As we adapt to them they are finding ways to adapt to us. New creations and creatures are showing up even more as of now.

    Question 4: Staying in public will work but it doesn't mean they won't figure out a way to lure you elsewhere or pluck you from the crowd. Mental defenses helps with mindfuckers just like a weapon helps with physical attackers. Word of warning: If you're not experienced or trained with weapons (knives, guns, etc) it's best you don't use them. Swinging something blunt, a baseball bat, maglight, etc. would be better suited. Your enemies will see and try to take advantage if you're not expereinced.

    Question 5: Don't succumb to your paranoia and stress. If they are always watching you then you should always be watching them back, stay alert and keep cautious. Never sleep around another unless you're sure they won't slit your throat during nappytime. On top of that adapt to everything they throw at you, take all the bad and use it as experience to be better and do better, to survive. And always, I mean always be prepared for anything. Especially death to those around you.

    Question 6: They won't constantly be assaulting you on a daily basis but that doesn't mean they won't try at times or aren't there watching. Only some of the deceased have been freed from this war while some of the deceased are forced to rise again as hollowed out things. They won't relent, they won't stop hurting you until whatever you're being targeted for comes to an end. Which could mean different things.

    Question 7: Many names, many identities. Problem is you might not just be dealing with one kind of critter or human turned beast.

    Question 8: It's becoming more and more popular, yes. On top of that there are the people who are dead that have not spoken and those too afraid to speak.

    Question 9: Mystery again sums up the mental portion of it. Physically, the explosion could have been to erase evidence. Disposing of their dead is not unheard of, how they do it is unknown.

  3. I guess I've been lucky so far... I don't know how I've managed to survive since waking up to reality. I'm going to start looking around to see if I can find tricks to help me stay alive... I'm a little worried about mixing up the fact with the fiction, though... Do you happen to have a list you could suggest? Also, @Mystery, I checked out your page and I don't think I'm exactly... um... comfortable with using magic. So... I'm gonna start investing in security. I've already got a gun, and yes I can use it, so I'm thinking more along the lines of cameras and such. An alarm system or something... Thanks for your help.

  4. Alarm system won't do much to those that don't need to open doors or windows. Most are smart enough to disarm them as well, cutting power, rearrange wires, it's not difficult to disarm an alarm system and isolate someone from the inside to not be able to call for help. Still, it's something to do that has a chance at working. If you want some assistance with traps and putting up home defenses I'll send you over a list or could meet you to show you how to do such, dear.

    Stay safe now.